Gruesome Grey Pulp – 06/25/11 – Berlin – Germany

Gruesome Grey Pulp
Saturday, June 25, 2011
7:00pm - All Ages
Radialsystem V
Holzmarktstr. 33

Berlin, Germany 10243

12th International Neuropsychoanalysis Congress

Other Info
a scientific screwball comedy in 2 acts and 5 scenes, lasting one hour
by Georg Northoff and John Sarkissian, performed by Elizabeth Eschwe and George Northoff

This witty show is an unusual performance piece presenting a unique marriage of music and dialogue. Liz, a psychoanalyst, and George, a neuroscientist, meet at a roadside service station on a remote highway while a mechanic is trying hopelessly to resuscitate her engine-dead car. A scientific discussion ensues. In a fun dialogue, the two characters argue how psychoanalysis, as founded by Sigmund Freud, can be related to the brain. Considering the recent progress in neuroscience, the science of the brain, one may be inclined to argue that Freud could be replaced by the neuroscientists of our day. But aren’t we, as humans, more than just our brain and its grey matter? What about our Ego, our sense of Self? In 5 short scenes, Liz and George touch upon deep existential issues about the nature of humanity and our standing in the world, while the witty and animated dialogue hints at their growing attraction for each other.

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